Wednesday 24 September 2014

Three Year Anniversary Gift Ideas!

So in a few weeks time, it will be our three year anniversary! Something we have been eagerly anticipating. A lot has happened for us this year, we've had the most amount of visits between us - we became happily engaged (it will be four months on the 14th of October!!!) and are now looking forward to being able to spend Christmas together - a first for us as we'll actually be able to spend it together physically and not just over Skype. So we have plenty of things to look forward to. And I can't believe we've been together for three years. Time has literally flown by for us. It's crazy because if you would have asked me three years ago, if I thought that I'd be engaged to my dream guy, I'd be telling you to stop being so silly because he's so far out of my league! (And yes Davy you are if you're reading this, don't you pfft me Mr! :P)

And as a post, I thought I'd share some ideas of what I and others could make for our SO's for any kind of anniversary, or just a gift to show your SO how much you love them! So, are you ready? I've gone for some suggestions that aren't too expensive as I know how money is difficult to come by myself and I always find it difficult to know what to buy Davy - not because he's difficult to buy for but rather, I just want to make sure his gift is perfect! And I always feel bad that I can't contribute much to gifts, other than sending him books I know he'd like so this year I thought I'd try be a bit more creative. I think the price tag on your gift shouldn't really matter, as long as it's meaningful to you, and when you make or buy it - that you like it. As long as you've tried, I think your SO will love it regardless.

1. Open When .......... Letters 

You can even make your own love heart envelopes. How neat! Both images are from Pinterest. 

I think Open When .... Letters are great, because not only do you have a supply of handwritten / personalised letters from your SO but you can be super creative with them. You don't have to just write in the letters, you can include things from your first date - perhaps the cinema ticket of the first movie you watched together, or a small sample of your perfume/cologne as well as little reminders of things to keep your other half upbeat when the distance is proving a little too tough to handle for them. And you don't have to be in just an LDR to do this, but I think for LDR couples this really will help as when your SO reads it, it'll always remind them a bit of their "home" (that's a metaphor for their boyfriend/girlfriend). I'm actually planning to do my own version of Open When.... letters for Davy. 

2. A CD Case Scrapbook 

Image from Pinterest

I think this is a super cute way of making a scrapbook because for those who have old CD cases laying around and are figuring out what to do with them, you can transform them into beautiful memories. I really like how this one I found on pinterest is laid out, with a picture on one side then a little caption or quote adjacent to it. I think you can also even be more creative and print some photos on actual CDs as labels, CDs that are able to still be written onto so you can add memories onto them throughout the years - perhaps a collection of your favourite songs, or you can write onto the CDs some letters. 

3. Personalised Anniversary Chocolates

Image from Not On The High Street. You can buy these personalised anniversary chocolates for under £10 over at NotOnTheHighStreet
Incidentally, I was just scrolling through Not On The High Street (a website that is really handy to look for gifts) and found these really cute chocolates that you can personalise. You can choose your own message to put on the chocolate pieces, and the size of the box you'd like it to be in. I'd read the product details (linked under the picture) carefully though as it includes allergy advice before ordering them. Unfortunately, you can't ship them abroad and delivery for this product is only available within the UK.

4. A Couples Date Jar

Image from Not On The High Street. You can buy this Date Jar here for just under £15. 

Again, I found this on NOTHS (woo, abbreviations!) but I thought you don't have to buy a date jar to make a date jar, you know? Especially as this one also can't be shipped from abroad - so the next time you find an old jam jar or any kind of jar you have laying about, don't throw it out! Wash it out instead, then personalise it with little date ideas or things you'd like to experience as a couple. It can be anything, from going to a restaurant you haven't tried before to even creating a fort together. Go crazy or really cheesy with the ideas! 

5. Personalised Square Map Cuff links

Image from Not On The High Street. You can buy these for £29.50

This is a gift that's for those who want to splash out on a little more for their SO. Especially if your SO enjoys wearing shirts, if they have to wear anything formal for their work or if you want them to wear something unique for your anniversary or date nights. That way when they wear a suit - they can have these nifty cute little cuff links on them to remind them that no matter how far you are, they'll always have a piece of you - even when they're stressed at work! This product has international delivery shipping available, and from what I've read you can choose to have the cuff links engraved, and all maps used are vintage - you can choose any location over the world but heads up -  postcode specified locations aren't available. 

6. A Memory Map Journal

Image from

There, I was just innocently browsing Pinterest and I came across a Memory Map Journal, so I clicked the link that it was sourced from and found out that the creator of it actually had some form of tutorial for it, so what better gift is that? One you've made especially just for you and your SO's journey. Think of it as similar to a scrapbook, but for those who want something that is a little bit more polished. I absolutely love how rustic and vintage this certain map journal is and who knows, one day I might have to do something similar for a certain Dutchman of mine tehehe!

So there you have it! Plenty of different ideas that you can create without having to spend too much money if you're tight on cash and are worried about having the perfect gift for that special anniversary. Feel free to browse our pinterest incase we think of any more ideas! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and we look forward to writing more.

 Please remember that all images belong to their respective owners and I have done my best to contain the source of where I came across the images. I do not own any of the above images in the post. Thank you. 

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