Saturday 26 September 2015

How To: Get Out Of A Long Distance Slump

Being in a slump when in a long distance relationship is not unusual. We all get into them. Being in one doesn’t mean you are unhappy, or that you shouldn’t be in your relationship. It’s common, as humans, for us to feel frustrated with some aspects of our lives. Distance usually is the forefront of these frustrations for us LDR couples, and expectantly so. But what can you do to get out of one of those slumps when the distance just feels like it’s all too much to bear? That you aren’t strong enough to keep going, that you don’t feel worth being with because of the distance? You know what you do? You keep kicking the distance right in the butt. That’s right! Kick it as hard as you can!

Okay . . . You’re probably thinking; ‘what does kicking thin air have to do with getting me out of a slump?’

Nothing, but just imagining kicking all the miles that separate you and your love is pretty satisfying. Especially when you imagine it to be this huge blobby, ugly monster that you repeatedly kick it in the nuts . . . That’s if the monster has nuts . . .ahem.

Okay, okay . . . So kicking it in it’s hypothetical genitals isn’t doing it for you? Fair enough. So that’s why we have some tips to help you get out of that feeling of distance fatigue, heartache and loneliness.

Feel Through It

The more you try to push away your problems and frustrations, the larger they become. So what we tend to do is communicate our feelings openly about them. If you gotta cry, then cry. There’s no use trying to push those urges to let it all out - it will just make the problem worse. But reassure your partner that this is something you need to go through, that it’s not their fault, in order to make peace with your frustrations.

Write, Scribble, Doodle Away

When we tend to be frustrated, we become more fidgety - more animated with our hands. Personally, I - Jane - hate it when I can’t find stuff to do with my hands. When I get upset with things, I usually - and quite stupidly - start taking my frustration out on my knees with my fists, as it’s the quickest target I can acquire. But since I’ve had my notebook that Davy bought me for my birthday, I’ve been writing things down more and letting the frustration out in a productive and non-physical way. It’s honestly helped a lot.

Spend Some Time Skype Dating

Sometimes, all you need is a few specialised Skype Dates to make you feel more reassured about the distance. Although, it’s perfectly fine just sitting and talking throughout the day, for hours and hours on end - sometimes you just have to be a bit more productive with those hours. Order some pizza, and watch a film together online. Dress up a little, cook the same meal and then tuck in together whilst sipping your favourite beverages. Have similar interests? Music? Put aside an hour or two to write a song together about your long distance journey. Writing? Collaborate on a poem or a story idea! Photography? Then think of ways you could collaborate on a photography project - you could always go around in your towns/cities taking photographs of your favourite sights, or unusual spots - and then send each other them before slicing them in half (one side has a photo that you took, and the other is your SO’s photograph). You can even go mobile on your Skype Dates! Want to take your SO to a special spot and you just can’t wait before meeting in person? Charge up your phone or tablet, either before you head out or in your car, then connect up and show them that beautiful view you’ve been going on about for weeks!

Those are a few of our tips to get out of that little slump. Just remember, it’s not your fault if the distance becomes too much! We all have moments where we find it tough to deal with. You’re not weaker for experiencing them. You can get through them, because it will be worth it in the end. Trust us ;)

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