Sunday 2 August 2015

Bucket fulls of love, laughter and happy sighs

Happiness should and will always be a key aspect in a relationship. It’s what makes you feel like your relationship is worth going the extra mile for (pun intended), that your other half is the one you know is made for you, and it’s definitely an important thing to remember when you’ve had some ups and downs alongside the distance.

For us, we know that we make each other happy. We don’t need anyone to approve of our relationship or to approve of the person we’re with because they don’t know us a couple. They don’t see or hear the little giggles, the promises to tickle each other when they’re being cheeky or just being able to gaze into each other’s eyes whether it’s on Skype or in person. We don’t need materialistic things to be happy, sure it’s nice (especially when you want to show your appreciation with a physical object) but it’s not necessary. At least for us. Happiness is, for us, the little moments, the moments when we can just laugh our heads off without having a reason to other than being completely random, for knowing that you’ve finally found your soul mate. It doesn’t matter what has gone on, if there’s been a disagreement or a slight bit of tension, as long as you have those crying-with-laughter moments afterwards that help you move forward from the not-so-great moments.

These last few nights, we’ve had a few of these relaxed and happy moments especially as we’ve both been feeling a bit tense because we just need these next two weeks and approximately four days to zoom past, so we can be in each other’s arms again. For those in an LDR, you’ll know how much torture it can be waiting for the days to pass! For those not in an LDR, think of it as waiting for the holidays to hurry up, so you can go relax on that beautiful, sandy white beach. We were just laying in bed on Skype, Jane on her iPhone and Davy on his laptop, and we were just talking about the most randomest things we could think of. For example, the night before last we went through our top ten (each) Disney animated films. If you’re interested, it went like this:

1 Lion King Franchise, 2 Finding Nemo, 3 Jungle Book 1, 4 Toy Story Franchise, 5 101 Dalmatians, 6 Madagascar Franchise, 7 Wall-E, 8 How To Train Your Dragon Franchise, 9 Hercules, 10 Big Hero 6

1 101 Dalmatians, 2 Tangled,  3 Lion King Franchise, 4 Wall-E, 5 Finding Nemo, 6 Toy Story Franchise, 7 How To Train Your Dragon Franchise, 8 Bambi, 9 Inside Out, 10 Big Hero 6

Albeit a random ‘exercise’ for us, it really benefited us to see that even though we have similar tastes, we’re also different. You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with happiness? Well. . .  Doing something like this helped us both see that we can still learn a lot about each other, even though we’ve been doing this for nearly four years in October. We both had fun just listening to each other list their favourite Disney movies, we didn’t try to challenge each other’s way of thinking or be like “but you should have chosen this one!” instead, we discussed why we liked each other’s choices. Being happy doesn’t mean you have to like all the same things, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to change your interests just to keep each other happy. If you’re finding yourself being far too wrapped up in the fact that you have different choices, then you need to relax a bit more. See it a different way; having those differences doesn’t mean you know your SO any less or that you’re not alike - it just means you’re both happy enough to be your own person to share those differences however small or trivial with your love.

Another example of our little random moments is just last night, again on Skype, we weren’t doing much apart from rambling along until Davy decided to start gurgling little small sips of water trying to say the most silliest things! First he tried saying the word burp and we fell over (not literally, we were still on our own beds before calling it a night) laughing about it for about five or so minutes. Then he kept going and going with it until he was nearly out of water and both our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. You know you’ve had a reeeeeally good laugh together when even your stomach is throbbing!

That’s what happiness is to us. The ability to still make each other laugh and smile after all these years, with all these miles between the both of us and all the little trivial things we’ve learnt about each other. We embrace our differences - whether it’s different backgrounds, opinions, or interests. Some might say it’s our secret ingredient to the recipe of success, but happiness is different for every couple. You’ll know when you’ve found happiness, it’ll hit you so subtly you won’t even notice it. But if you find yourself giggling, blushing, being random, doing the stupidest and silliest little things you wouldn’t do with anyone else, and happy sighing for no reason at all (like us) . . . Chances are. . .  You’ve found your happy source!

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