Thursday 24 September 2015

Case Study: Calling All British LDR Couples!

Recently, we were approached by a British journalist - Amanda Stringfellow - from Barcroft Media to get word out about a new case study on long distance relationships for an undisclosed national newspaper in Britain. This case study is targeted at British nationals who are in a long distance relationship (or if your SO is British, that should be fine too!) We don’t have too many details about it, but please be rest assured that this is a real opportunity for you to talk about your experience of being in a long distance relationship and to show the world that distance truly can be overcome! If you are interested in participating or finding out more information, please contact Amanda at the following, make sure you mention that we sent you her way:

Email: (Subject: British LDR Case Study)
Twitter: @amanda_l_s

And in case you’re feeling unsure about the authenticity of this opportunity, you can check out Barcroft’s two websites (1/2) to see just what they do!

Remember, this is for British LDRs! We’re just simply trying to help people get their LDR journeys heard by a real newspaper! Let’s show everyone that long distance relationships aren’t impossible! That we can defeat the miles, regardless of all the obstacles facing us! Good luck!

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