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This is our page where you can contact us in all shapes, form and sizes! If you wish to connect with us on social media, those are linked in the sidebar.

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If you would like your button / link to your blog or website on our sidebar, please send us a comment below with a link to your blog and your button. Please note, we may resize your button to fit within our sidebar so everything stays aligned.

Guest Posts:
Want us to write for your blog? Then pop us an email or tweet! Let us know what your blog is about, what kind of article or piece you're expecting from us. If it's in regards to a specific topic then give us many details as possible. We love writing and we will always try to get back to your proposal as soon as possible. Please remember that if we don't feel like our writing would fit your blog then we have the right to decline - but this has never been the case for any of the people that has approached us so far! If you would like to look at the posts we have guest written for other bloggers, please check out the Featured Posts directory on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

Or are you interested in writing for our blog? That can work too! All you have to do is just ask! Then we'll work out the details. Please remember to take a careful look at our posts and see if they really fit your own writing style before approaching us. Our blog is relatively casual and there are quite a few personal posts as well as LDR advice so we're quite open to real life experiences during an LDR as well as advice columns.

Thank you,

Davy and Jane

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