Fellow LDR Bloggers

Here are some fellow bloggers who are also in a long distance relationship. It's hard enough being in an LDR as it is, so to know there are people out there supporting us LDR's always brings a smile to our faces! Even a simple hi goes a long way. Also, if you are also an LDR blogger and you have been inspired by their posts - please feel free to reach out to any of them!

CHRISTIE https://allthelongplaces.wordpress.com/
KHAIRA http://www.blushingkay.com/
TAMMY http://leffelovesdestrua.tumblr.com/
ERIKA http://heartsworldsapart.tumblr.com/
CARLEY http://blueberrycookiez.tumblr.com/
KRISTINE http://theblankpolaroids.wordpress.com/
JANA http://itsjanapee.wordpress.com/
MICHI http://bummyldrcouple.tumblr.com/
PAULINA http://paulinarosanne.tumblr.com/
LILY http://krcalove.tumblr.com/
DEE https://fromuktophilippineswithlove.wordpress.com/
CAT http://heartsacrossthepond.tumblr.com/
BAILEY http://dancing-with-distance.tumblr.com/
RIRY http://sugacrush101.tumblr.com/
DJ http://1000kmoflove.tumblr.com/
ANNA http://sunshineandsnowstorms.com/

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