Friday 26 June 2015

Why I’m grateful for having a supportive sister

Many years ago, before I met Davy or even knew what a long distance relationship was, one of my sister’s moved out of our family home and approximately 350 miles away. I never realised it at the time, and still didn’t realise it until I got into my own long distance relationship that LDRs can also go far beyond just the romantic type of relationships. I was still pretty young (just fifteen) and naive when my sister left home with her partner to Ipswich. I was really upset because we’ve always - and still are - been super close and she has always been a part of my support unit. If anything has been troubling me, even from a young age, she would be the one person I go to.

Even as I am nearing my 23rd birthday in August and she is nearing her 28th, we have always kept that bond between us. As I’ve grown up and learnt things, she’s always helped me understand various perspectives of it. She’s made me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry. She’s been there when me and Davy have had our rough patches and in return, we’ve helped each other through emotionally tough times. We’ve kept each other company on Skype whilst her partner has been working, and she has kept me company when Davy has been at work too. We’ve really helped each other through our anxious moments. When I’ve been on Skype worrying, fidgeting and almost to the point of panicking - she’s been there to rationalise the situation when I haven’t been able to talk to Davy.

She’s also helped Davy too. She’s been such an amazing source of support and we’re so appreciative to have her be a part of our lives. When other people have judged us or made it difficult for us during our long distance relationship, Stefi has never ever made it difficult. She’s always been completely understanding, reassuring and even a fountain of advice for us. When we couldn’t find the positives during a rough patch, she understood how we felt. She didn’t react in a way that someone who hasn’t been in an LDR herself would. She thought about it from our perspective and then gave us some incredibly valuable advice.

I know that many people have trouble with getting their families on side with their LDRs. And I’ve seen and read many horror stories about how people have had trouble getting their relationships accepted by loved ones just because of the distance. Not once has my sister ever complained to me about my relationship, not once has she reacted in a way that would make me or my relationship feel worthless. Even when others have had doubts about us, she never has. She’s always made sure that our relationship is just as important as those who are with their other halves every day. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of my family have been amazing at accepting my long distance relationship and haven’t judged it as other families would have. But with my sister Stefi I know that regardless of what’s going on in her own life that she’ll always take a minute out of her time to check up on me when things are tough and I do the same for her. I appreciate her for everything she’s taught me. Long distance relationships aren’t just limited to significant others, but also family. And yes I’ve been LD with my sister for far too long and I miss the way she would give me makeovers to make me feel pretty again, and yes I miss our little dance routines we’d make up for hours in our bedrooms even though five years separate us. But she has taught me, even as subtle as it has been, that regardless of the distance between you and a loved one - anything is possible. You can still keep a relationship and a friendship going. You can still be super close even when there’s hundreds of miles between you. Thank you for supporting our relationship and always being there. Thank you for the countless times we’ve Skyped and you’ve heard me drone on about how hard the distance can be. Thank you for your wise words throughout the years. You may not think they’ve been wise, but they’ve always helped put many things into perspective. Thank you for making both Davy and I laugh when we’ve felt too drained or negative to smile. Thank you for accepting our love. And lastly, thank you for being you.

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