Sunday 5 July 2015

I'll give you my heart, but you gotta promise...

Allow me to say first of all that we’re not a very musical couple. I mean, the only instruments Davy and I probably are able to play is the triangle and that’s just about how far our musical talents go. But listening to music has always been a large part of our relationship and before that, our friendship. When we first started speaking, it wasn’t at all difficult to figure out each other’s taste and as most couples discovered, we had pretty similar music tastes - although to everyone else out there our choices may seem a bit questionable! Ah well, as long as we enjoy listening to them that’s all that matters. Our choices are varied, I think. Although, being the Backstreet Boy fan at heart that I am….I had to make sure they crept in somewhere (even though the two songs selected are Davy’s favourites so ha!).

Anyway, shall we get down to the list. They will be listed in no particular order, and at the end of the post I will embed a playlist via Spotify so you can listen to the songs with ease! Please, don’t judge our choices hehe. These are the top ten songs we’ve always had some kind of meaning throughout our entire relationship and have helped us get through the good, bad and ugly times with the distance! We hope you enjoy our choices!


It's a nice song with both Spanish and English influences. Since Jane and I both like Spanish songs, we had to include it. The lyrics in the song mean a lot to both Jane and me. In the chorus, RS and U sing about promising to love each other, be there for each other and help each other whenever. Without there being a moment in time where you don't have time for any of that.. "way past forever"


I think this song really captures the essence of a long distance relationship. Even if you’re not in a LDR, it can still be a great listen but I think if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you can see exactly why this song is so inspirational for our own relationship. It talks about how precious a love can be and I feel it really makes you appreciate your other half just that bit more knowing or realising that your kind of love is exactly as how this song depicts. At least for me.


Some of the lyrics in this song, which is something frequent across the songs we think mean a lot to us, hit right at home. Some of the lyrics say: "When you talk to me, I swear the whole world stops. You're my sweetheart and I'm so glad that you're mine." I really do feel that way about Jane, all the time.

Heh, for me this song is special because Davy sent me this at some point when we were just friends. I remember him telling me to listen to it and in his own words that the lyrics were “really nice” haha (this was also at the time when he suggested I listened to Promise by Romeo Santos for the same reasons). But it turned out it was a hint from him to me about how he truly felt! At the time, my heart melted like crazy because I had such a super crush on him (even though at the time we just typed on Skype etc) and I really wanted to let him know that I liked him more than that so when I found out the feelings were mutual, you can imagine how fuzzy inside I went!


All we’re going to say is:
You don't have to hide your scars
I'll be there when you fall apart
And fix you like a soldier.


Yikes, another corny boy band one for you all! Haha. But seriously, this one was chosen because you really only do get one shot at such an amazing chance to be with the love of your life and you should grab it with both arms, legs and all your fingers and toes! Are we right? Right!


Again, the lyrics really stand out to both Jane and I. We first heard this song on the radio about a year ago whilst a visit unfortunately came to an end. I was serenading Jane whilst we were sad xD It made her smile whilst we were going through a sad period which was exactly what I wanted her to do.

I had no choice with this one really. I mean, we were in a moving car with the radio on and Davy singing along so…I kind of was forced to be serenaded to... . Haha just kidding. I loved hearing him sing along to this. It really helped get through the post-visit blues last year in June. And I’m glad we’ve added it to our list of songs!


And I just can’t take my eyes off you…


This one is a really upbeat one. I bet when anyone starts listening to this, they’ll automatically start tapping their feet to it and moving in time with the track. It really is just a feel good song that makes everything disappear!


Creepiness alert, but we are pretty much each other’s mirror. Although we still have our own unique differences, we’re really well connected with each other’s minds. Just by the smallest thing, whether it’s the look in the other’s eyes or a scrunched up nose we can tell exactly how the other one is feeling or thinking. Sometimes it gets so accurate that we just tell each other to stop it already, but then we’re like “okay you can continue now.”

And because I just love how Davy has summed up the last song, I think I’ll leave it exactly how he typed it to me on Skype because it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve read (and there have been many) and because it’s just too perfect and cute to edit it.


"I can't imagine, life without your love. And even forever, don't seem like long enough" I think this is one of the most accurate bit of lyrics regarding how I feel about Jane. She really is my world and I love her so very much. Without her, I'd be nothing. But she always lifts me up and she always knows how to make things feel better.

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