Saturday 11 July 2015


So this is going to be a new feature on the blog. Once a week, we’re going to be listing our favourite posts of the week in the LDR blogverse! At first these posts will only contain a small amount of them, as we sift through posts and try to find ones that we enjoy or feel like we can relate to. We’d like to remind you that posts will be of various ages, they can be older posts that we’ve come across on people’s blogs or new ones. If you would like us to check out your blog post or blog, please don’t hesitate to link it in the comments below! The more links, the merrier and the more we’ll be able to read and include in future POTWs! And if you like a post from here, please do comment (it’s optional of course) on the blogger’s page and let them know! There’s nothing more joyous than letting a fellow blogger know that you like what they write, and that someone out there is able to relate to how they are feeling - especially in an LDR! It really does bring a smile to the writer’s face.


(I feel like at one point everyone tends to overthink in a relationship and it can be scary, this post is super accurate)

(This poem is beautiful and really captures the heartbreak and determination of an LDR)

(Some great song choices and how music can really bring two people closer)

(There are some seriously goofy and adorable ideas here if you're feeling stumped on how to make your photos unique from afar

If you have any suggestions to be featured in a future POTW or would love for us to read your blog about your LDR, please link us in the comments. We’re always (and I mean always) looking to read other people’s LDR journeys regardless of how little or large the distance actually is. Even if you’ve closed the distance and have written a post about it, we want to know! And to squee at how awesome that is! Have a beautiful weekend all :)

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