Wednesday 23 September 2015

A New Look For Autumn

It’s no longer Summer and with that comes a new refined blog design. This is so that our blog is much more pleasant to browse, and hopefully it means that more people will stick around and follow our posts than before (fingers crossed). The only problem we’ve come across so far, is that you might have to do a cache refresh (ctrl and f5) to get the navigation bar’s font to show up as it seems to be a little temperamental for us, at least. If you have any other problems experiencing the blog’s new look, please do comment!

So you guys understand what changes have been made, we’ve decided to break it down for you. Below is an overview of the new blog design.

The overall look of the new design is fresh, but simple.

As you can see we have made some tweaks to the logo. We’ve took away the ribbon banner, and the large bulky font. We wanted something that captured our personalities, and a logo that really captured what our blog was about without being too complicated and having too much on it. We decided to keep the little miniature globe, as we feel that it shows part of our long distance journey. It tells you which part of The Netherlands and England that Davy and I are both from/currently residing.

Next up is the navigation bar. This font is far nicer than its predecessor - Courier. This font is called Crushed and can be found in the drop down menu of the blogger design options. We felt that it really complemented the logo.

And now the sidebar titles. Before, we had a mini version of the ribbon banner and again the font was Courier. We refreshed this by just using a simple line, made from a default brush in Photoshop (it’s amazing what you can do with simple tools!) and just adjusted the font to make the sidebar look complete. We’ve also uncluttered the rest of the sidebar, getting rid of some sections that were just making it far too boring to look at! All our social buttons are still together, and we’ve chosen a smaller and effective BlogLovin’ follower button so it doesn’t hit you in the face too much. Gone is the large pinterest widget, the section that links to our own individual separate blogs - Davy’s football one, and my book blog. We’ve added a search function so it’s now easier for readers to find articles without having to scroll through pages of posts.

We’ve adjusted the font for the date. This gives some contrast to the rest of the blog. We think it’s a nice little touch.

And just a few more things; we’ve kept the font for the text within each blog post. We went through some others, but we just really enjoyed the look of what we had. Lastly, we’ve changed the signature that appears at the end of each post - which you can see, ironically, at the bottom of this post!

If you have any comments or thoughts on the refined design, shoot us a comment! And don’t forget to follow us on BlogLovin’ <3 we’ll give some love back!

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