Monday 14 September 2015

How To: Find Things To Do Together When Apart

Finding things to keep an LDR fresh and exciting can be frustrating and at times tedious. But I have come up with a few ideas and tips that Jane and I use when looking for things to do together whilst apart.

I'm here to let you know about a few things Jane and I do ourselves to keep us busy and entertained.

It's hard to always keep busy though. You might not be in the mood to do something. Or you might not have the time to something because of the time zone differences. And sometimes even talking is more than enough.

But what if you want to do more than talk? Here's some suggestions:

Watch a TV show or a film together.

This is something Jane and I do often. Not too long ago we started watching New Girl, which is hilarious. We've also watched a British comedy called Bad Education and I can't start about the amount of films we've seen together.

It's really easy to do. Just find a show or show to watch that both you and your significant other are interested in, buffer your file and do a little 3, 2, 1 countdown and start watching. It'll keep you busy for a good amount of time for an extended period. It might take you a week to watch a show or maybe 3 months, as long as it keeps you busy.

Start a private book club

You don't have to necessarily start reading the same books. Unless if you want to of course. It can be one of those things to do throughout the day where silence isn't unbearable. It can be a nice quiet where you and your significant other just lose yourselves in a good book.

If you really wanted too, you could read the same book of course. And when you've both finished it, you can have a little review with each other about it. What did you like? What character was annoying? Just a few questions you could come up with.

Learn a language together

A great thing to do together is learning a language. There are many ways to do this. Jane and I like to use the website, which offers languages courses from all over the world. We discovered it when Jane wanted to learn Dutch. Ever since, Jane and I have started learning Spanish, Norwegian, German and Italian. Or we tried to get into some of them but got lost along the way, we have to pick it up again soon though.

But it is a way to learn to communicate with each other, to learn with as a couple and most of all, to have fun together.

Now these are just a few things to do, but of course there are dozens if not hundreds of other things you can do together when apart.

So if you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments! What do you find the toughest thing about finding activities to do together when apart? Are you indecisive with what you choose or is it anything goes?

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