Friday 18 September 2015

A Bit Of Tender Loving Care

Last night was probably one of the most stressful and worrying nights I’ve ever experienced in our relationship.

Not because of a fight or plans going wrong but more because I was so worried about Davy. He had been feeling a bit under the weather these last few days. At first we didn’t think much of it because we assumed it was from him lifting boxes and just being generally busy at work. But then yesterday, Davy started coming down with other things. His throat was hurting, he couldn’t lift his left shoulder/arm without it hurting, he was starting to wheez and cough constantly. Then later that evening, he checked his temperature: 101.4 F / 38.6 C. This was just as we were saying goodnight because Davy had an appointment with his GP this morning at 8.30am.

When he told me it was 38.6c, he was like “oh it seems normal” which confused me, because I was sure that the average body temperature was at least a centigrade or two lower than that. So feeling confused and even more worried, I asked my parents if that temperature was considered normal. My parents knowing from experience of having six children (and at some point, we’ve all had high temperatures whether it’s from pneumonia or other illnesses) knew something was off. Dad told me that I HAD to wake Davy up to get him to cool his body temperature because it went from normal to just a sudden hot spike in a matter of an hour. So, I woke him up - as bad as I felt about it and I managed to get him to get some ice for his head and cool cloths for the rest of his body.

I felt horrible because I knew he needed sleep in order to wake up for his appointment in the morning but at the same time, making sure his body was cooler was hugely important too. It took about half an hour for his temperature to be in the 36-37c range without any ice or wet cloths on his body, which wasn’t too bad. But all night I couldn’t stop tossing and turning in bed. Now we are just waiting to hear back about his x-ray results.

Last night was a defining moment for me because it just made me appreciate him even more. It made me realise how badly and how much I really need him to be okay. How heartbreaking it is not being able to care for him, look after him and be by his side to help him recover from this. He’s had colds and flu’s in the past, don’t get me wrong, but nothing as worrying and scary as this.

It’s little moments like your other half being ill to the point that you’re scared of their condition worsening and feeling useless because you can’t physically prevent it that really make you see how deeply you feel inside about them. Of course, Davy knows I feel deeply about him, as do I know how deeply he feels about me. But when you’re faced with possibly your SO having to be admitted to hospital, it makes you want to give them even more TLC the next time you see them. It makes every little kiss, hug, glance and butterfly in your stomach even more special.

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