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Hi, we're Davy (the Dutchie) and Jane (the Brit). We're an Anglo-Dutch couple. Davy lives in 'S-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - whilst Jane lives in St Austell, The United Kingdom.

We first met in May 2010 online, talking non-stop to the other through Skype and became super close to the point we were best friends. We would ask each other for advice, and tell things that we wouldn't dare tell anyone else. As time went by, we noticed that our feelings started growing stronger for each other. They grew to the point where we needed the other to know, and one night Davy was the first one to spill all - after a little nudging from Jane. After the little-tell-all, we started our relationship on the 17th October 2011 and haven't looked back. Since then we have been inseparable, no matter if the distance between us is currently 535 miles. We're not just a relationship that happened on the internet, our relationship is real. We became an engaged couple on 14th June 2014 - almost 2 years and 8 months into our relationship. We are very happy and determined to close the distance sometime in 2015. It's going to be a long and difficult journey but we're confident we can succeed.

This blog is to provide an outlet, somewhere to share the good - and the bad during a long distance relationship. The ups and the downs as some may call it. But we also post other things among relationship posts. We're very keen on doing guest posts so if you ever wish for us to feature on your blog, please do contact us.

Our interests include - other than spending time together on Skype or on visits - reading, writing, photography as well as Davy teaching Jane Dutch, they enjoy playing games and watching movies as a couple. Jane has a BTEC double distinction in Media (TV & Film) and studied a BTEC extended diploma course in Photography, whilst Davy studied Economics (due to unforeseen circumstances, and for individual reasons, both could not finish their courses) - he now works in hospitality/catering in The Netherlands whilst Jane spends her time writing - she's currently in process of writing some short stories and one day she has aspirations to write a novel. We are both committed and hard-working when we put our minds to things.

Please note that images that we use belong to their rightful owners, and we do not claim any ownership over them unless stated. 

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