Sunday 8 February 2015

Jane and Davy here - or as you best know as us as Davy and Janey. It’s been a while since we updated properly and you’re probably wondering why there has been such a huge gap between our last post and now. Our last post was September, and since then we have celebrated our third year as a couple and finally had our first Christmas and New Years celebrations together as a couple and we even had our first LDR couple meet up / double date with the lovely Chelsea & Chris over at - which by the way was amazing and we can’t wait to have another!
In the last few weeks, and months, we have been trying to deal with the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. We’ve been a little cranky occasionally and have been trying to make sure that we put each other first, hence why we haven’t written anything in so long. Added to the stress of a long distance relationship are our own ventures. Jane since September, participated in her first NaNoWriMo and managed to hit the 50k word goal. Something that took a whole lot of time and commitment to, of course, and now she’s in the process of editing that novel (the working title was Sinking Fast but she has now renamed it to something awesomer, obviously) whilst having an idea of another novel. Jane’s also been progressing a lot with her Dutch, she recently took a language test over at Dutch Language School and managed to score an 83% (around an intermediate level roughly)! Of course, the test only included writing and reading Dutch but Jane has also been working on her speaking and listening - which have improved vastly. When she first began Dutch, the first six or so months were full of ‘I can’t do it’ etc but now Jane plucks up the courage to speak more Dutch. She’s also been reading books/news articles, listening to radio and watching Pokemon in Dutch.

Meanwhile, Davy has been busy looking for a second job - on top of the one he has - as the agency he works for simply doesn’t give enough hours, and if we’re going to close the distance between November 2015 and February 2016 this is something that is really important especially on the money side of things. We’ve also looked into packing boxes, and shipping companies. As well as that, on the job front - we sat down and re-wrote his CV, one in Dutch and one in English (for when he moves over) so we can give him the best possible chance of getting an interview. Just a heads up, but for those who want a CV format that is recognised all over Europe - EuroPass is officially recognised by the European Government, as well as the UK Government. They also have information on their website about the recognition of qualifications all across Europe - it may take a bit of clicking about, but it’s not that much of a difficult website to navigate. They also have an editor to create your CV online which they then save into a fancy and smooth looking PDF!