Tuesday, 6 October 2015

When it comes to creativity, it can be hard to find that freedom you need to unleash it all. This is something that happens to me quite often. I can easily have periods of time where the urge to let out my creativity becomes overbearing and I just need to do something productive in a creative manner.

The only problem? I get so indecisive with how to let out that creativity. Sometimes I need to write, but I don’t know what to write. I have a few work in progress novels but I can never decide which one to just stick to and thrash out the plot. I’m learning to draw, but sometimes I’m at that stage where I’m not confident or knowledgeable enough to draw from the depths of my imagination without it looking like a 3 year old scribbled on some paper. It’s quite funny really. I only know how to draw heads right now, and I struggle to draw in proportion bodies. It’s just how do I make sure that the neck isn’t too fat or skinny for my subject’s head and that everything is aligned and looks, well, human? The other day I tried drawing a body and it ended up looking like a demented alien. And trust me, you DO NOT want to see that.

Regarding the fore-mentioned novels, I know I should be focused on writing them. But when your thoughts are constantly whirring about all the small things in life, it’s hard to just quieten it down enough to remain focused at the task in hand. Either that, or I start writing and I think I like the direction it’s going in and then I just hit a stumbling block and I can’t seem to get past it. Or the voice of the character starts irritating me so I start experimenting constantly. This usually leads me to getting fed up of the whole plot and starting from scratch. So I re-plan and rewrite everything all over again. Literally down to the T.