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Life in June & Engagement News

19 days ago Davy came to visit me for his 21st birthday. It has now been four days since he has been back in The Netherlands. It hurts not being with him again, but this isn’t abnormal for a long distance relationship. The day he had to leave, Sunday, I cried on and off throughout the whole day. Before we left for Plymouth to drop him off for his Megabus, I sobbed my eyes out. It felt like my heart had been ripped out from my chest and smashed with a hammer. Repeatedly.

I think and know this time has been the hardest time realising he has had to go back. I know he’s finding it just as tough as I am. I hate waking up in my single bed, not being able to just roll over and give him a kiss first thing as he flexes his little adorable nostrils whilst he yawns. I look around the house thinking of everything we did together.

This is where we sat and ate dinner every day. This is the spot where we sat on the sofa snuggled up watching the first set of WC group games. That’s where I nutmegged/slide tackled/practised doing keep yuppies with him outside playing football in the garden. That’s where I’d sit on his lap as we would play Watch Dogs together. This is where we stood and hugged, and he repeatedly tickled me. I remember standing here watching Davy make me egg salad, or an omelette. Or when I sat on the sofa as he put plasters on my heels from the blisters of my new shoes I wore to his birthday meal.

I make it sound like I’m mourning someone, but in truth it really does feel like I am mourning something. The fact that we spent two beautiful weeks together and now we’re apart again really does feel like I’m grieving the ability to have all those physical things in a relationship. We really did have another great time together. I enjoyed being able to finally spend one of his birthday’s with him. Seeing his reaction when he first saw the PSV Eindhoven birthday cake I had “designed” for him, made my heart melt as well singing him happy birthday and then him blowing out the candles on his cake. I felt so proud being able to share moments like that with him. He really is truly an amazing person. He brings me out of my shell; he makes me giggle at the smallest and most ridiculous things that I never thought I’d be able to laugh at.

PSV Cake made by Vanilla Pod with rainbow filling

For his birthday (the 12th), we had an amazing meal at Prezzo’s in St Austell. To start with we shared a bowl of King Prawns that came with ciabatta bread, and was served in a tomato sauce with some garlic and spinach. We also had a bread board to share. I had never seen so many different types of bread to eat. Thankfully, I didn’t have to eat all of it alone! Davy did most of the bread eating whilst I sat and casually dipped the bits of bread I ate into the extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar that came with it.
I didn’t want to overindulge in our starter as we had already decided what we wanted to have on for our main course ahead of going to Prezzo’s. Thank god for online menus these days.

For our main, Davy had ordered a Chicken Carbonara, whilst I had Chicken Ravioli - which was deliciously filling to be quite honest! It was one of those main courses that were filling enough, but after a few minutes of letting your food go down you could easily fit in dessert in there. So that’s what we did. We did order Chocolate Profiteroles to share (which were yummy by the way), but because I had slipped in that it was Davy’s 21st birthday to our waiter – he gave Davy his own personal recommendation for dessert for FREE! So I got to have all the profiteroles to myself…bwahahaha.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of our food so you’ll just have to find a Prezzo’s near you and try them out yourself. The prices might seem a bit over the top at first, but trust me…the quality of food you get from Prezzo’s is worth the price – especially for a special day out.

For his birthday, I got Davy two books that he had been really wanting to read for a while. The Hunter and The Enemy by Tom Wood. And for his other present, my family got him the Arsenal away shirt which he had wanted to get last year when Ozil signed for I said we'd get him it for his 21st :3

Then fast forward to the Saturday. Davy had been going out with my dad a lot to town by himself, without me the day before (Friday). Which was weird because when he’s here, we usually never go out to places without each other but because I had been told they were only going to the dump/recycling to get rid of some stuff, I thought nothing of it. I didn’t want to go to someplace stinky like a waste collection site on a hot day.
But really, after going to the dump….they had gone into town to look at a ring. I know Davy had been ready for the next step in the relationship for a while now, he had told me himself he wanted to make the step to being engaged a little while before. But I hadn’t expected him to actually propose on the 14th the way he did.

Where Davy proposed hehe :3

After we had dinner, which was home-made kebabs with all sorts of side things my parents had made – me, Davy and my dad drove to the nearest beach: Porthpean. What I thought would just be an evening stroll along the beach to help our food go down wasn’t at all. Dad had let me and Davy walk on ahead along the small shoreline (the tide was coming in) so we did. We got to almost the end of the beach, and stood there with our toes being softly hit by the waves coming in – but after a few minutes of ice cold water…I wanted to turn back as I was getting a bit cold so whilst my back was turned…Davy was getting a ring box out of his pocket. It turns out if I had waited a few seconds longer to turn back around to face him…he would have had the chance to properly get down on one knee – even if his shorts would have gotten wet :P

We're engaged :D
So there we are standing, with Davy holding the ring box (albeit at first it was upside down as he’s so silly) asking me if I would marry him. Without any hesitation, I immediately said yes whilst going redder and redder from blushing. Of course I’d marry him. How could anyone turn down a chance to make that step with someone so beautiful inside out? They’d need to go to a loony bin if they said no to that. So here we are, almost three years as a couple and we’re now engaged! Of course that doesn’t mean we’re going to rush into marriage or anything. It just double confirms a long term future together. We’re still very young and we aren’t expecting to make the next step after engagement for quite a few years. At least until we’re probably in our mid-twenties (so our parents…breathe easy if you’re reading this! :P ) and we’re going to take things at our own pace. 

So that happened a week and five days ago.

A week and two days ago, we visited St Michael’s Mount, Land’s End and St Ives. St Michael’s Mount is a beautiful little island off of Cornwall, on it there is an old monastery with some really beautiful gardens. You can walk to the island when the tide is out, as the walkway to it is clear for people to access the island. For a tiny little place it sure is beautiful. We didn’t visit inside or walk up to the castle itself as non-National Trust members have to pay £8 each to go inside, and we had other plans for the rest of the day. But if you’re a National Trust member, you can go inside the monastery and gardens for free.  More information on St Michael’s Mount can be found over at their website.

Now some of you may not know what Land’s End is. Basically, it’s the furthest southern westerly point of England that is nearest to America. Many people do cycle routes from John O’Groats in Scotland to Land’s End in Cornwall to raise money for charity or just to see what it would be like. I think those people are insane. Then again…I can’t ride a bike so I wouldn’t know. Our little visit to Land’s End was really fun. We walked around for a little, but apart from that you can do many things. Including visit their 200yr old farmstead, eat out there…visit their little movie experiences which is situated within Land’s End. You can find more information here

After we visited Land’s End, we then headed for St Ives. Now St Ives is one of the most beautiful little spots I’ve ever been to in Cornwall. It’s quite a popular tourist destination but then again, the whole of Cornwall is pretty much a tourist hotspot. I love how little the streets are, how close you can be to the beach without needing to walk very far. My parents and Davy had an ice cream, whilst I passed. I wasn’t feeling very ice-creamy so I just sat on the beach wall with Davy as he ate his. Overall it was a really nice day out and I’m glad we visited all of those places in a day. Even if there were maniacs on the road that day, not to mention the fact that we got a little bit sunburnt too.

I really wish we could go through all those things again, and even more. But I value every time we get to spend together and I know that he appreciates all of that too. I’m just happy I get to be with the most amazing fiancĂ© a girl could ask for (as well as someone who really knows how to encourage my book addiction….hehe). And I can’t wait for the many more days we’ll get to spend together for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for reading this very long post, but there was so much to share even though I haven’t covered every single day Davy was here but I think if I did…I’d need to write a novel for that ;)

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