Friday, 26 June 2015

Many years ago, before I met Davy or even knew what a long distance relationship was, one of my sister’s moved out of our family home and approximately 350 miles away. I never realised it at the time, and still didn’t realise it until I got into my own long distance relationship that LDRs can also go far beyond just the romantic type of relationships. I was still pretty young (just fifteen) and naive when my sister left home with her partner to Ipswich. I was really upset because we’ve always - and still are - been super close and she has always been a part of my support unit. If anything has been troubling me, even from a young age, she would be the one person I go to.

Even as I am nearing my 23rd birthday in August and she is nearing her 28th, we have always kept that bond between us. As I’ve grown up and learnt things, she’s always helped me understand various perspectives of it. She’s made me laugh when I’ve wanted to cry. She’s been there when me and Davy have had our rough patches and in return, we’ve helped each other through emotionally tough times. We’ve kept each other company on Skype whilst her partner has been working, and she has kept me company when Davy has been at work too. We’ve really helped each other through our anxious moments. When I’ve been on Skype worrying, fidgeting and almost to the point of panicking - she’s been there to rationalise the situation when I haven’t been able to talk to Davy.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Travelling isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially with money being so tight thanks to the economy among other situations. Whether you are on the minimum wage (or just over it) or earning a decent salary you can still get some really good deals. Due to our financial situation as a couple and as individuals not being stable, we’ve had to adapt and find other solutions to be able to have those visits.

The most complicated thing about finding affordable travel in Europe (this can apply for other continents too) is finding one that fits within a price range of under £100. You can get many good deals with flights and trains, but sometimes even the most simplest form of travel is overlooked: coaches. Sure, they’re not always the most comfiest and people are usually turned off by sitting in one place for numerous amount of hours but isn’t that what most international couples have to do regardless? I know many couples who live further than across mainland Europe and those couples have had to go via routes that don’t allow them to even stretch their legs other than up and down the plane aisles. This problem gives coach travelling some leverage. Depending on the coach company and the schedule, a coach driver will and be happy to allow you to stretch your legs outside of the coach for a few minutes during a scheduled stop - that’s if the coach is running on schedule. There are also other opportunities for you to stretch your legs during a coach trip. For example, say if you are travelling from Antwerp (or any other European destination) to London and you have to go via ferry/tunnel. You can take advantage of this as when you are on the ferry, all passengers are required to go the main deck. This allows you to wrinkle out all the tightness in your legs, you can get warm food and beverages. You can even get in some extra phone/gadget charging or grab a sofa and snooze for the duration that it takes to get from Calais to Dover!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The first visit of the summer. Finally, it is here again! Well it already happened, so…..finally it happened again! It feels surreal that we just had a visit after six long and arduous months! But I’m so happy we managed to have one after Davy worked so hard to make sure he could make it for his birthday, and what’s even better…he’s already booked August for my birthday too! Thank god for Megabus who makes it so much easier for us to see each other, right? ;)

So on the day Davy arrived, I was a lot more calmer about it. Usually I’d be biting the nails off of every single finger possible on the day, but I felt much calmer. Since Davy has had his new job, with longer hours and more days, I’ve gradually got accustomed to not being able to talk as much. Even though my anxiety is still quite prominent when we aren’t able to be together, it’s calmed down enough for me to think rationally during his shifts and when he is travelling. I used to be a lot worse with panicking about it, but I’m slowly getting to the point where I can think straight without automatically assuming the worst. Anyway, we picked an unshaven Davy who needed a shower and a good warm meal inside of him after roughly 20 hours of straight travelling in a coach. Safe to say, even when he hasn’t been able to wash properly…he still smells good after travelling….well, when he sprays some Dark Temptation on those lovely pits of his - I’m kidding boo, but seriously…they are lovely ;)

Most of our visit consisted of curling up on the sofa and just spending every second possible together. We wanted this visit to be much more casual and a lot less about going out everywhere, although if the weather had permitted it we would’ve probably gone at least a few more times other than to Asdas and Frankie and Benny’s (and popping into places where I can feed my book addiction…) Anyway, this visit was more about being in each other’s company, we’ve had all the visits where we’ve done so much stuff that we’ve barely been able to sit down and relax so this visit really needed those two aspects. We had fun doing things together still, but I was glad that we could just step back from constantly being everywhere and anywhere, from jumping from Costa Coffee to the cinema so I’m really glad we could just chill as a couple, in the comfort of my family’s home. Each visit, regardless of how long or not so long they are, is starting to feel more like a home-coming for Davy which is great because my baby gets to come home (well at least his future home).