Friday, 24 July 2015

Today Davy and I will be discussing the moment when we felt truly loved in our relationship. Of course, we have both always felt loved by each other throughout the last (almost) four years but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have particular memories of a moment when we felt overwhelmed (in a good way) about the love that has been displayed to us by our partner. Neither of us are very material people so we don’t need gifts to feel completely loved by our other half so this one we really, really thought thoroughly about before publishing this post.

If you are confused about the premise of the post, basically it is a prompt from ldrblogs (a network for long distance relationship bloggers) where each of you have to write down a moment where you felt truly loved by the other. Both of you can write about anything, as long as it’s to do with the actual prompt. Neither of you are allowed to see each other’s answer for the prompt until both of you have written down your *moment* and then afterwards, you share your reaction to each other’s responses. It’s a great way to make a post interactive especially when you run a blog together.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A long distance relationship isn’t the most ideal scenario for someone who suffers with anxiety or gets easily worked up and/or worried by the smallest things. I’ve had a lot of experience with this in the last three and a half years. Being a person that has had to deal with bullies throughout most of her life, I found it difficult to understand that I would ever be able to find someone who would love me for me. Especially since the target for a bully is to make you feel worthless. The bullies from primary and secondary school succeeded with that and to this day I still find it incomprehensible that I have someone in my life who loves me unconditionally and who doesn’t care what other people think of me because he feels differently and more positive about me than I have felt about myself.

One of my biggest fears is (or used to be quite often) that I’m not the amazing person Davy thinks I am. That this so-called “amazing Jane” of his is just the surface and that there is something much, much worse deep inside. In the three or so years we’ve been a couple, he has seen many sides to me. He has seen the goofy side of me, the passionate (and prepared to do anything for the love of my life) one, the insecure and worried about everything working out side, the book nerd, the stubborn side and the I’m not taking any bullshit side. And yet I still get terrified that one day he will be fed up of my constant mood switches and want to be with someone else. I even ask him “what if you decide you would rather have someone who doesn’t get anxious as easily?” and he ALWAYS, and I mean literally ALWAYS reassures me that there is no one else he’d rather be with no matter the distance between us or what has been said or done, that at the end of the day he would choose me every single time. And I am so grateful to have him as mine, and to be his.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

So this is going to be a new feature on the blog. Once a week, we’re going to be listing our favourite posts of the week in the LDR blogverse! At first these posts will only contain a small amount of them, as we sift through posts and try to find ones that we enjoy or feel like we can relate to. We’d like to remind you that posts will be of various ages, they can be older posts that we’ve come across on people’s blogs or new ones. If you would like us to check out your blog post or blog, please don’t hesitate to link it in the comments below! The more links, the merrier and the more we’ll be able to read and include in future POTWs! And if you like a post from here, please do comment (it’s optional of course) on the blogger’s page and let them know! There’s nothing more joyous than letting a fellow blogger know that you like what they write, and that someone out there is able to relate to how they are feeling - especially in an LDR! It really does bring a smile to the writer’s face.


(I feel like at one point everyone tends to overthink in a relationship and it can be scary, this post is super accurate)

(This poem is beautiful and really captures the heartbreak and determination of an LDR)

(Some great song choices and how music can really bring two people closer)

(There are some seriously goofy and adorable ideas here if you're feeling stumped on how to make your photos unique from afar

If you have any suggestions to be featured in a future POTW or would love for us to read your blog about your LDR, please link us in the comments. We’re always (and I mean always) looking to read other people’s LDR journeys regardless of how little or large the distance actually is. Even if you’ve closed the distance and have written a post about it, we want to know! And to squee at how awesome that is! Have a beautiful weekend all :)

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Allow me to say first of all that we’re not a very musical couple. I mean, the only instruments Davy and I probably are able to play is the triangle and that’s just about how far our musical talents go. But listening to music has always been a large part of our relationship and before that, our friendship. When we first started speaking, it wasn’t at all difficult to figure out each other’s taste and as most couples discovered, we had pretty similar music tastes - although to everyone else out there our choices may seem a bit questionable! Ah well, as long as we enjoy listening to them that’s all that matters. Our choices are varied, I think. Although, being the Backstreet Boy fan at heart that I am….I had to make sure they crept in somewhere (even though the two songs selected are Davy’s favourites so ha!).

Anyway, shall we get down to the list. They will be listed in no particular order, and at the end of the post I will embed a playlist via Spotify so you can listen to the songs with ease! Please, don’t judge our choices hehe. These are the top ten songs we’ve always had some kind of meaning throughout our entire relationship and have helped us get through the good, bad and ugly times with the distance! We hope you enjoy our choices!