Wednesday 22 January 2014

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Hello, everyone! Well today, I thought I'd bring you up to speed as to what I've been personally doing this last month. Davy will be probably doing his post, which will no doubt include how well he has been doing with his keeping fit / running & cycling - something I'm super proud of him for keeping motivated and up with! ;)

Nonetheless, I shall tell you a bit about how boring I am! I don't go out much, because of my low self esteem - and the fact I just like the comfort of being indoors all nice and warm especially during the winter we had down here in Cornwall. We had constant winds, rain and just terrible weather for the end of December going into January but thankfully the weather has picked up, as have the length of days. I hate it when the days are so short. I dislike the dark, so seeing the sun for a few hours longer is very enjoyable.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Hello there and welcome to our life blog.

This is where we share what we've been up to, our thoughts on any topic that we choose, and just basically our life - though we won't get too up and close personally. There are some things that we'd like to keep to ourselves, but for the majority of this blog we'd like you, the people who happen to come across our little blog, to get to know us - not only as a couple, but the type of people we are.

We decided we'd do a joint venture into life blogging, make it a team effort rather than just a one-man band. That way we don't rely on just an individual doing a post, but both of us can contribute to it if we really want to. But, don't worry, there'll also be posts where it's just one of us blogging - perhaps writing about a book we've read, something we've achieved and that we're proud of, or maybe even just to rant. That's what a life blog is after all is it not? To share thoughts, opinions, and basically to keep a journal of your lives and future endeavours.