Sunday 23 February 2014

It always feels weird during the first few weeks after having been together 24/7 again. And it hurts, to say the least. I know I should be used to it by now, or rather we should be used to it by now as time passes etc, but thing never get used to it. You can visit each other a hundred times, and go back and it'll still hurt as much - probably even more - than it did the first time you had to leave each other behind at the coach station or departures.

Thursday 20 February 2014

Lifeguard station at Fistral Beach

Hello there everyone!

Here we are with our blog post about our Valentines!

It was our first ever one where we could celebrate it physically together, rather than just on skype. I stayed at Janey's for nearly a week. From Thursday February 13th until Tuesday February 18th. 

I traveled nearly 525 miles to see my baby again, and it was so worth it. Jane and I stayed in the livingroom of her house, which at night became our bedroom, the biggest in the whole house.

But prior to all that, we hadn't planned for me to come over. Especially since I was job hunting and I had an interview a week prior to us eventually making the final decision of booking the trip to Plymouth, all the way from Amsterdam. But if it was only as close as Plymouth. After arriving there, I tried to get a bus from Bretonside Bus Station to St Austell, where Jane lives, but the seats were sold out. So I had to walk up to Plymouth Train Station, and had to wait for over an hour until I could get on the next train. But so I did, whilst talking to Jane on WhatsApp. When I did finally arrive, Jane was waiting for me at the train station, and we hugged tightly. Then we got in the car to Jane's house, where we cuddled on the sofa. Shortly after midnight, we went to sleep. The first of many wonderful nights with Jane.