Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Davy's Life in May

Hello everyone, it’s Davy here =)

I haven’t done a blog post in a little while but that’s mainly because for the past few months, I’ve been very busy.

In late October, the contract that I had for the agency that I was working for, didn’t get extended. So ever since then I’ve been looking for a job. It’s been an unsuccessful search but I finally landed a job, sort of. I have been rejected by several companies this half year so I decided to sign back up to an agency. Via that agency, I finally have a job again. I’m going to start working in the catering sector of my local hospital. That also happens to be where I had my last job was with the agency I basically got let go from.

At least it’s familiar work right? I’m going to start working there again on Thursday, May 21st. So, when I’m writing this, tomorrow. Nervous? Not at all. Funny though, I had sworn that I’d never work here again, as I don’t like the people working there. Especially because my mum also happens to work here. To combine work with private, I can tell from experience now, is never really a good combination. Tempers ran high and the arguments were long from time to time.

But I guess that desperation just puts stuff aside, especially when you run low on funds. Good thing is though that this job is only temporarily and I’ll be looking for a different job in the meanwhile. I’ll also do an update post sometime in July for that.

Why not in June? Because in June, from the 10th til the 22nd, I’ll be in England. In Cornwall to be precise. I get to spend nearly two full weeks with Jane! Yaaaay! It’s my birthday on the 12th and the perfect way to celebrate that is with the one you love. From what I’m told, I’m getting a cake! A design from Jane. She won’t make it though. It is made by Vanilla Pod once again, just like she made Jane’s mum. Which, as you all know, looked awesome. Jane and I are also going out for dinner, and we will probably go cinema to see a film, obviously, but which one? Don’t know if Jane has an idea for that but maybe you guys have one. Just leave suggestions in the comments. Other ideas Jane has though, are birthday presents. She’s thrown a few suggestions my way but I have no clue yet. You’ll get pictures of what I got in our next update and of course also a full coverage of the almost 14 days of us being together once again.

I hope, but secretly know, that our together will be amazing again. I just want to have Jane with me again whilst we roam through Cornwall .. (with her parents, we have no different transportation). I’m also sure that this will be my best birthday ever, until the next one I have with Jane that is. I’m just looking forward a lot because we haven’t seen each other since the week of Valentine’s Day, in February! That’s ridiculously long! The next twenty days need to pass quickly because time isn’t going fast enough yet.

I don’t have much more to add so I think I’ll end it here.

There’ll be a big update on all of this in June, maybe early July. 

Don’t forget to follow Jane and myself on our twitter to see what we’re up to.

Thank you for reading and look forward for more.

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