Sunday, 24 May 2015

Another visit soon! And then another! Finally!

It's been a long, long time since I’ve done a post on this blog but that has its own reasons here and there!

What is more important is that very soon, June 10th, I’ll be with Janey again! Yaaayy!! For my birthday and our 1 year engagement anniversary.

It’s the first time since January that we’ll be together again so both Jane and I and are super excited! And to make things better, in August I’ll be with Jane again for her birthday!

It’s been such a very long time. A time that has been cruel to us. Then again, time is always cruel when in a LDR. I’m sure people who read this can relate here and there!

We’ll finally get to do things together again properly! We can go watch films at the local cinema, go out for dinners or just stay in all day, all cuddled up under a blanket! Well, maybe not under a blanket since the Cornwall summers are quite hot.

In my experience that is .. Once .. But it was hot!

The life of an LDR couple (credited to the original artist, we found this on the internet)

It’ll also be the first time that Jane and I get to experience her birthday together! Then we basically have checked the list of special days we wanted to experience together so badly! Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Jane’s birthday, annual anniversaries, Christmas and New Years!

Even though Jane’s birthday was supposed to be the first one … but my ”great” sense of timing and booking kinda … screwed that up, nearly 3 years ago … Oops shall we say?

Besides the visits, I also hope to have saved up enough money by the end of the year (roughly) to finally move over to England! And to close this stupid distance! Surely we won’t be a LDR anymore but hey, I’d rather not be an LDR and just be together!

Isn’t that something all LDRs strive for? We can get to it, we’ll just have to work for it. Always believe in yourself and in eachother, everything will come together as long as you communicate and put in the effort. Some advice there for you fellow LDRs!

And now I shall get ready for work! So many long shifts ahead but it’s all worth it when in a couple weeks, Team Javy is reunited once again!!

We might just have a blog post for how that trip was!

But for now, I shall say thank you for reading and see you next time!

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