Monday, 7 September 2015

#LoveTinyMail Kit Review

A few days ago, I received a really cute package from LeafCutter Designs; their deluxe tiny mail kit (also known as the world’s smallest post service). I was super excited to try this product out as it’s one of those products that is really unique and it brings a little bit of pizazz to packages and letters to your loved ones - in my case, Davy.

When I first opened the package, I was stunned at how compact everything was. Usually DIY kits are far larger than advertised, but it LITERALLY is a tiny mail kit. It made me giggle at how small the stationary sheets were. I was expecting to have to use tweezers to handle it but thankfully my fingers were careful (and small) enough handling everything. The kit comes with different coloured stationary sheets, very fun-size postage stickers, various mini envelopes (plus not-so-tiny translucent envelopes for your minuscule envelopes to go into), brown paper and string for craft boxes and last but not least: some very cute special delivery/air mail stamps and ink. You also get a special edition of ‘the small times’ especially made for the tiny mail kit, along with a LeafCutter Designs magnifying glass! I did notice there was a DIY cut out mailbox, which I’m planning to make with Davy when we have our next visit!

The first things I noticed when taking everything out of the kit was pretty much everything! As soon as I saw the pen, I took off the lid and started practising on small bits of scrap paper so I got used to the tiniest pen tip I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I really do adore the way it glides across the paper though. It’s really nice to hold and it’s extremely light which I really enjoy because heavier pens tend to give me blisters on my fingers after a few minutes use - this one doesn’t and it doesn’t make your hand feel cramped at all when writing on the tiny stationary sheets.

Looking good!

Postage stickers, stationary sheets, envelopes and stamps

After staring at the kit in awe for some days, I thought I would take a deep breath and finally lunge into assembling my first tiny letter! I decided I would go for something simple as I wasn’t sure what else I could put into one of those nice deep craft boxes haha because I don’t have much laying around to be honest! But I’m definitely going to play around with it more, especially since our four year anniversary is coming up and I’d love to send Davy something in one of them! But what… who knows? Mwahahahaha.

After writing my first tiny mail letter!

Okay, back onto the product! Part of me wishes that the kit had come with some instructions on how to assemble somethings like the tiny envelopes as I was blinking at them for quite a while. It sounds lame of me, but I really had to fiddle around with the envelope until I realised that I had to fold my mini letter along the lines so that it would fit into the envelope before taping the back of it haha. I wasn’t exactly sure if I could use the stickers with the kit to secure the little envelopes, and I didn’t want to waste them so I just used my own tape for now.

How cute are those stamps?!
My tiny mail letter all neatly secured inside it's tiny envelope, yay!
Overall, I found this product a really fun and enjoyable way to make packages. I’m sure I’ll be using it for more than just sending Davy little love letters and packages as I have a sister across the country from me who I would love to send one too as well. I think this product is a great way to keep communication between long distance couples and families fresh and creative! You could even buy a kit to take on holiday with you to send mini notes of your travels, how cool would that be?!

If you like what you see from the kit in our review, and would love to buy one yourself; we have a discount code that our readers can use at checkout! So head on over to LeafCutter Designs and give their Tiny Mail Kit a go for yourself! Don’t forget to use the coupon code LDRVIP10 at checkout to get 10% off!

Get 10% off!

We were able to review the Tiny Mail Kit for free thanks to LDRBN and LeafCutter Designs in exchange for a completely honest review. If you have any questions regarding our review, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank you.

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