Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting Used To Being Apart

It always feels weird during the first few weeks after having been together 24/7 again. And it hurts, to say the least. I know I should be used to it by now, or rather we should be used to it by now as time passes etc, but thing never get used to it. You can visit each other a hundred times, and go back and it'll still hurt as much - probably even more - than it did the first time you had to leave each other behind at the coach station or departures.

Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand how difficult it can be repeatedly having to part, having those 500 miles between us. Just because we've been in this relationship for nearly three years now, doesn't mean me or Davy are fine with the distance. It's annoying to say the least. The nights and waking up alone in the morning are particularly difficult. It doesn't feel right waking up without Davy cuddling me or blowing wind on the back of my neck to tickle me as we wake up. Nor does it help the anxiety I get when we can't be together. Some nights I just feel like curling up and crying myself to sleep because having no Davy to be around, to be tickled by, to hold or to see his big blue eyes light up before me hurts a lot. More than anything, I need to be with him. Regardless of where or when it is, I'd give anything just to be held by him again - but due to money constraints (both of us) and the fact Davy is finding it difficult to find a job again I know that being even more patient is the key to get through it. I'd love for either one of us just to be able to click our fingers and BAM! with each other again. But life doesn't work that way, and love requires a whole lot of patience, understanding and not pressuring each other to make things happen especially when it's in a relationship where you can't be together constantly - you have to stand your ground and focus on what makes you happy instead of giving in to those moments where you feel like you might not be strong enough.

The hardest thing getting used to though? Not being able to look across the room and see the other one there, just smiling...watching you. Seeing the one you love look at you like that? Best feeling in the world.

I just needed to get this off my chest and write it down somewhere. But I'm looking forward to the rest of the year. Going over to Holland to visit Davy in June with my parents is going to be exciting. I'm going to try look at the positives and make sure we make the best of what we've been good at for so long - getting through the distance and being strong as a unit. Maybe the whole learning Dutch for Davy, and him being able to teach me will distract us from the pain distance can bring.

And finally, I'll leave you with asking for some blog recommendations - as in other relationship (whether it's a couple blog or long distance relationships) or lifestyle/personal blogs that we can network with. If you're a blog that needs more followers, or want to be blog friends with us then just drop a comment (with your blog or bloglovin link). :)

Have a good Sunday, everyone and thank you for reading this emotional (for me at least) post.

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