Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our Valentines 2014

Lifeguard station at Fistral Beach

Hello there everyone!

Here we are with our blog post about our Valentines!

It was our first ever one where we could celebrate it physically together, rather than just on skype. I stayed at Janey's for nearly a week. From Thursday February 13th until Tuesday February 18th. 

I traveled nearly 525 miles to see my baby again, and it was so worth it. Jane and I stayed in the livingroom of her house, which at night became our bedroom, the biggest in the whole house.

But prior to all that, we hadn't planned for me to come over. Especially since I was job hunting and I had an interview a week prior to us eventually making the final decision of booking the trip to Plymouth, all the way from Amsterdam. But if it was only as close as Plymouth. After arriving there, I tried to get a bus from Bretonside Bus Station to St Austell, where Jane lives, but the seats were sold out. So I had to walk up to Plymouth Train Station, and had to wait for over an hour until I could get on the next train. But so I did, whilst talking to Jane on WhatsApp. When I did finally arrive, Jane was waiting for me at the train station, and we hugged tightly. Then we got in the car to Jane's house, where we cuddled on the sofa. Shortly after midnight, we went to sleep. The first of many wonderful nights with Jane.

We woke up with many, many kissies and oh my God! It's Friday, Friday the 14th! It's Valentines! Jane and I exchanged our cards and got dressed after. It's after getting dressed where I gave Jane two books, one being to learn Dutch and another one being an English-Dutch dictionary, because Jane wants to learn Dutch, just for me. Such a sweetheart. I also got her a new pair of earphones for her phone, because hers were losing it's touch/ During the day we didn't really have things in particular planned, so it mainly consisted of cuddles, kisses and alot of tickles... For Jane =D. We played some Sims 3: Pets and some Battlefield 4 and I think also some Fifa 13, but not too sure. Maybe Jane knows. Then, around 4.30 PM, I started making Jane and myself some Chicken Korma with Pilau Rice. It's one of Jane's and my own favourite dishes. Prior to that, Jane and I went to Asda's with her parents (They have a car okay, we don't) and got all kinds of other dishes with it, including samosa's, poppadoms, coriander & garlic naan bread and finally, tzatziki. In Jane's words, it was "the best Korma she ever had", and since I cooked it, how can I disagree? ;) And the best part of it all, we didn't even have to clean up, haha. In the evening, Jane, her parents and I watched the film Rush, which was an okay film. Just don't get why there has to be so much sex in every Hollywood film now, quite annoying to be honest. Shortly after the film, we went to sleep and another day arrived!

Hello Saturday! It's the weekend!

Not that it was any different, I mean, I'm still on holiday at my baby's place and we're having an amazing time. Today we pretty much had a pj day where we didn't do a single thing, but have kissies, many cuddles and played some games together. We did eat a very nice homemade pie! It was my first ever homemade pie and it was very nice.

Sunday, nearing the end of the weekend!

It's the 16th now! Very close to another month for Jane and myself, which would be number 28 =) And by close, I mean only one day off! If you don't want to do the maths, we've been together since October 17th 2011. Today we watched the Arsenal FC - Liverpool FC game, where we saw Arsenal be victorious 2-1, a deserving win with yet again a diving Luis Suarez.. Once a prick, always a prick eh. Ahwell. We also enjoyed a nice Sunday Roast. Although this time unfortunately without the meatloaf Jane's mum makes. We also had trifle for after, but that was later in the day. We did various other stuff that included more kissies, more cuddles and more Battlefield 4.

It's Monday!!! The 17th!

Yaay, another month! And another week! Because we started our relationship on a Monday too coincidentally. We celebrated our 28th month and 122th week by going out for grocery shopping with Jane's parents. I was quite the help when we got back, carrying 5 bags of grocery back into the house, haha. I must mention though that I carried all 5 bags at the same time! Whilst in Asda and Tesco afterward, Jane and I bought stuff. We bought Jane 4 books, from the author of "The White Queen". Besides that, we also got Jane a chocolate heart lolly and a small heart-shaped cushion which says I Love You. And last, we got Jane a notebook so she can write stuff down whilst learning Dutch =). For dinner we had enchiladas. A Mexican dish. It was my first time having them and they were really good! Definitely something to have more often. We went to see a film aswell at the Cinema. We chose to see "The Butler" and what a great film that is! Seriously, you have to watch it, it'll grab you. It's a real-life story with a fictional twist, and it's just... wow! After cinema Jane and I had a nice snack. Jane had her second enchilada and Jane's dad made me some Chinese Curry, which was nice and a little spicy.

NOOOO!!! :( It's Tuesday, the final dayyy! Poop!

Even though it was the last day of my Valentines stay, we sure did make it a good day. With Jane's parents we went to Newquay, in North Cornwall. We went to the beach there. Yes, even in this horrible weather England has had the past few weeks, or months even. Although it was a nice and sunny day. Jane made a bunch of pictures. We went to Fistral Beach, England's most famous surfing beach. We walked around there and saw some damage from the weather. I'll include a picture of it if I remember to do so. I climbed on a few rocks and that drove Jane crazy, because she thought I would fall so she was really worried. What she doesn't know is that I'm so super adventerous.... Cough. And I never fall....Cough..... Yeah. I didn't fall though! =D

After Fistral Beach, we went to Watergate Bay, a couple miles down the coastline, near one of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurants. This was also a nice beach. They apparently found and detonated a bomb from World War 1, maybe only minutes, but definitely less than an hour after we left from there.

When we got back, we had dinner. It was a inside barbeque if you like, a mixed grilled sort of. With all kinds of different meats, prepared differently with different flavours. We had chicken, beef, lamb, kebab and (German) sausages. It was really nice. We had salad with it too. It was very good, one of my most enjoyed meals that I had at Jane's.

And then, the stupid thing of having to go back to Holland had to happen =[ Which meant that the Valentines week came to a close. Jane and her dad drove me to Plymouth, where I'd eventually take the coach to Amsterdam.

Overall, I had an amazing week and I really hope that Jane did too.

Hopefully you had a nice time reading this =)

Have a really nice day and don't forget to comment about your Valentines or to share how you feel about ours. Thank you for reading.


All pictures of the beach were taken by Jane (apart from the one of us on the beach which was taken by her Mum) :)

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