Monday, 12 May 2014

Top 5 Things To Do With 500 Miles Between Us

So we've been a part of this long distance relationship thing for quite a long time now.  You'd think we'd have a list of 1000s things to do together whilst in a LDR? Wrong. Most of the days, we just sit on Skype and yap about anything for, on average, 5-8 hours a day. So we've put a short list (that's in no particular order) together on the top five things we like to do, separately and as a couple, with 500 miles between us.

What's your five top things to do in a LDR? Either comment below or send us a tweet ;)

  1. Watch Touch (TV Series)

Touch is about a father (Martin Bohm played by 24's Keifer Sutherland) who lost his wife in 9/11 and how he goes about raising their emotionally challenged son, Jake, as a single father. Jake is no ordinary boy. He has the ability to see and predict events happening through the use of numbers and patterns. His special gift has all kinds of people interested...and not the good kind.

Although Jake doesn't like to be touched and has the tendency to run off that gets Martin in all sorts of situations, the bond that builds between the father and son is - as the title "touches" on - very touching and will have you hooked. 

We have been watching this on and off for the last few weeks, but since we hit the end of season one we've been nothing short of addicted. It's unfortunate that the show was ended after two seasons as it had such huge potential.

2.  Look at cute Puppies on Twitter

This is by far one of the cutest twitter accounts we've come across in a long while! The amount of squee'ing, aww'ing, and just generally melting will have you scrolling to the end of their tweets. Definitely a twitter account to have when you need a pick me up! How can you say no to those cute little puppy eyes?!

3.  Writing

So this is Jane's choice! The picture you see is her notebook full of writing notes. These two pages consist of some character summaries for the story she wants to write. We thought up of the storyline together, but it needs a bit more work with the scenes. Actually physically writing the story hasn't happened just yet, but in time it will. Hoping to get everything outlined by the end of the month (though that's a bit optimistic as Jane is feeling very procrastinating like).

4. Running & Cycling

Davy likes to keep fit (Jane: not that he needs to *cough*) so every morning he goes either running or cycling. He usually does it in a pattern of cycling, then running and so forth. So far he's been doing this routine for nearly a year! Unfortunately his app refuses to save his last distances so we can't show off how much distance he actually covers, but on average he cycles around 15.30km and runs 8.30km (he's pretty consistent with those .30's!). Davy's routine of fitness time for an hour and a half also gives us both a little bit of thinking space apart from each other, so when we do get to talk again on Skype when he gets back in- we appreciate it a whole lot more!

5. Learning Dutch! (Well more like Davy teaching Jane)

Well this one was going to be obvious wasn't it? Although we've been slacking on the Dutch learning recently, we're starting to kick-start back into it. This is a great activity for couples who are in an international LDR. If one of you has a different native language, then why not learn it? The connection between you to will most likely strengthen even more! The same applies if you both have different native languages, instead of English. Imagine how awesome it'll be to have private conversations in public in a language no one can understand? You can even switch between the two! We like to call our combination of switching between English and Dutch as Englutch :D

Hope you enjoyed our list of things to do! If you have any suggestions or would like to share what you and your S/O does with distance between you both then drop a comment! We won't bite :)

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  1. A friend of mine used to watch the same series as her boyfriend who lived over the pond whilst on skype/viber together - but then they'd both 'cheat' and watch episodes without each other, so it didn't really work as planned. But she always said it was nice to just chat about the tv they'd both be watching at the same time, even if it was silly things :) xx

    1. Haha really? I don't think we could slyly watch an episode without eachother, we'd feel too guilty about it. But that is quite amusing. It is nice, because it's such a hard thing to do - watch tv together when you're far apart as you don't always have the same channels or time zones.

      Davy & Jane ^_^


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