Friday 24 July 2015

When Love Finally Finds You

Today Davy and I will be discussing the moment when we felt truly loved in our relationship. Of course, we have both always felt loved by each other throughout the last (almost) four years but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have particular memories of a moment when we felt overwhelmed (in a good way) about the love that has been displayed to us by our partner. Neither of us are very material people so we don’t need gifts to feel completely loved by our other half so this one we really, really thought thoroughly about before publishing this post.

If you are confused about the premise of the post, basically it is a prompt from ldrblogs (a network for long distance relationship bloggers) where each of you have to write down a moment where you felt truly loved by the other. Both of you can write about anything, as long as it’s to do with the actual prompt. Neither of you are allowed to see each other’s answer for the prompt until both of you have written down your *moment* and then afterwards, you share your reaction to each other’s responses. It’s a great way to make a post interactive especially when you run a blog together.

We’ll start with my moment:

Jane: There have been many, many moments in which Davy has made me feel truly loved but the ones that always stick out for me are the ones that come to the surface when I’m having a tough time dealing with things in my head. As most of you know, I get worked up easily and worried about things. Like I said in our previous post, I need reassurances about our future and to know that I’m still the one Davy loves after all this time of not being permanently together. 

When I’ve had those crazy, worrying, tears running down my face moments I always feel a formidable sense of love and appreciation for Davy. Just being able to hear in his voice how much he loves me, and how much he really wants to make this distance work sends jolts of love straight through my veins. He makes me feel truly loved by never judging me for my thoughts and for always understanding what’s going through my head, even when it’s incoherent to myself. He makes me feel truly loved by never shying away from things and for not being afraid to stand up for our relationship and himself. 

One moment in particular really comes to mind when I think of ‘feeling truly loved’ and that was when we had just gone through our first real rough patch as a couple (also previously mentioned) and I would always go quiet when I couldn’t open up to him about it. But the day I did, the day I finally opened my mouth and told him how I felt about things, about my overthinking and about the situation we were in at the time, I instantly felt relieved because of the way he responded. He made me feel truly loved by not running away from the problem and for admitting that he was in the wrong for getting too comfortable, for taking my love for granted and I was so proud of him for being a man and doing that. He could’ve easily gone on the defensive and deny that it wasn’t his fault (not saying it was all his fault because it takes two to tango when something goes wrong and is left to fester), but instead he took the high road - he admitted being in the wrong and he made changes, we made changes as a team. Really significant changes, even if they were small, to how we went about communicating with each other and making sure that neither of us ever felt like we were being taken for granted again. He decided to grow up, to mature and take things more seriously when I said them. He started listening more deeply, taking time to consider how to respond to things rather than just bat them away with sarcastic remarks. He made sure that I knew he wanted to fight for us and just by doing those small things, he made me feel truly and deeply loved by him. 

Davy: When Jane  first told me how she felt. Even though there are many, many moments (all the time) where I feel really loved by Jane, this one stands out the most. Surely there are other moments too but this is the tip of the ice-berg for me. I think it stands out the most because it got the ball rolling for us. After I told her how I felt, whilst being scared and shaking like crazy, it was Jane's turn. Surprising to me, she told me she felt the same for me!

I felt over the moon when she did. It's funny, because it was like, 2.30am or something and all that I could think of whilst laying there after everything was said was how much I love her. And of course there are a ton of examples still out there. But in all honesty, I feel like I'm loved all the time. It doesn't matter what goes on, Jane will make sure to make me feel loved.


Davy’s reaction: I did not expect this to be the moment! It really surprised me. Then again, I had no idea what to expect whatsoever. I like that she went for this moment because it was a real turning point in our relationship. I do think that after that experience we've grown a lot as a couple. We tend to open up a lot quicker rather than to keep things in our brain and for our thought to boil up and explode.

But we managed to get through it. I do think our bond is stronger than before and I'd do anything to make Jane feel reassured about even the smallest of things. And this just shows why Jane is Jane, she always goes for the unexpected things and this really brought a smile to my face. I find it sweet that she went for this moment because it's not your typical fairy-tale like moment.

Jane’s reaction: Although Davy’s moment is much shorter than mine, I still found it really really adorable. I know Davy isn’t big with words and I’m more of the ‘rambler-dambler’ out the two of us. But I really loved hearing how the moment we first told each other how we felt is his moment. I remember this conversation and at the time when Davy was being a little stubborn about telling me how he felt because he kept going to me ‘I want to tell you something’ but when I asked him what, he would start avoiding it until I coaxed it out of him by telling him to not worry and that whatever it was, I’d understand. I’m so glad we had that talk of how we felt, even back then, because without it we wouldn’t be here today. Also, Davyyy, you have a beautiful smile so I’m glad it brought one to your cute little face hehe <3

We really enjoyed this prompt as it both gave us an insight to how each other thinks and what moments we really hold dear to our hearts after all these years. 

What do you think of the moments we chose to share with you? Did you like our reactions to each other’s answers? If you’re in a long distance relationship yourself, why don’t you try it out with your significant other. I’m sure you’ll both be surprised by each other’s answers, regardless of how well you know each other and that it will strengthen the communication between you. If you have a blog yourself, give it a go - if not, stick your answers in the comments below ^_^

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