Wednesday 2 September 2015

My Monthly Three For September

So, for today’s post we’re going to be discussing some monthly goals. It’s somewhat of a prompt started over at LDRBN, where you choose three goals for that month and then next month you see if you’ve completed them. Now, because I know this isn’t Davy’s kind of thing (add the fact that he is super busy working), these goals will be mainly my own personal ones or ones we’ve come up with as a couple. 

In the back of our minds, we promised to try post more often on here. And that’s what we have been able to achieve even when our creative tank has been running low, we’ve really stepped up our own personal bar and hit some blogging heights for ourselves. We’re roughly hitting between 800-1,000 views a month which is pretty amazing to be honest. The blog has grown so much since we started. Although we know our monthly views could be higher, there was a time when we only had 500 views for the first year or so. Now we’ve had 8,700! Crazy! Imagine what our views will look like by the end of the year!

1. Practising Conversational Dutch More (Together / Online)

For me, this is something I need to do. I’ve learnt a lot in the year and a half since my Dutch journey began. I’ve gone from a girl that cried at trying to pronounce ‘lachen’ for the first time, to someone who can just do it at ease. Pronunciation is the easy part for me, I can recognise vowel sounds with new words and hit them with the first time. My ‘ui’ is still awkward, but that’s to be expected. I’d also love to be able to hold a conversation without panicking, internally. I know I can string sentences together, but it’s a confidence issue as all language learners experience. Whether I practise conversations through typing or out loud, the most important thing is to practise. Personally I feel like I need to have conversations out loud to improve. 

2. Start Wedding Planning

Yes, yes I know… engaged for over a year and we haven’t even started planning? How dare we? Hehe, just kidding. Davy and I knew we were going to have a long engagement, but we’re going to consider researching potential venues, discussing a budget and figuring out a guest list for our wedding in two-three years time (if everything goes to plan). It’s just the start of planning, so we’re definitely not going to be splashing money out on anything when we don’t have the funds to. The most important part of this, is that we’ll be researching into it and getting a clearer picture of the road ahead of us in terms of getting married one day.

3. Become More Active (Fitness)

This goes for both of us. I need to put weight on as I’m underweight and it can be very frustrating not putting any weight on. I mean, I eat well and regular it’s just my annoyingly fast metabolism burns it off like a rocket. So I’m going to really try to gradually up my calorie intake as well as try to build a bit of muscle, as I know that doing cardio workouts is redundant when you’re trying to put weight on. On the other side of the spectrum, Davy wants to get back to working out more regularly. As his shift patterns are all over the place, he only has two days to properly go out for a cycle or a run so his personal goal is to do some working out indoors even when the weather isn’t so great or if he has a shift. If anyone has tips for us, please send them our way! 

That’s our monthly three for now! We’ll update you on how we got on with them next month, whilst adding or extending another three! Why don’t you give it a try and see if you’ve been able to stick to them? It’s a great way to challenge yourself and ensure you stick to something! Even if it is something small or trivial. 

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