Monday 2 November 2015

Our (Belated) 4YR Anniversary!

Back on the 17th October, it was our four year anniversary! Yay, four years already!

Unfortunately though, we didn't get to spend much time talking since I had to go to work. But in the time we did have, before and after, we talked quite a bit.

We also got each other a little present. Jane got me this lovely “What I Love About You” booklet, where you have 50 lines with some gaps that you have to fill in. For Jane, I got a drawing tablet to help her draw on her PC with Photoshop and such.

She's been using the tablet a lot as well, she's drawn so many things. 

She's getting better with every drawing and I'm just so proud of her.

I just can't wait for our next anniversary again, where we'll be together!! We'll be so together, we will have closed the distance!

Finally I just want to say that I really love my Janey and I'd like to say once more, happy 4 year anniversary!!

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